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The most comprehensive divine textbook on all matters relating to spirituality and divine love, ‘The Religion of God’ is a must-read for all seekers of enlightenment and the divine path. This book requires unruffled concentration and attention, pondering and research from all religions, sects, and every man. It poses a challenge to those who deny the existence of spirituality.

Excerpts from ‘The Religion of God’ for quick awareness

1. Those who love God but do not practise a religion are better than you if you follow a religion and yet are deprived of God's love.
2. Love relates to the heart. The word, 'Allah', when synchronised within heartbeats, reaches all veins and arteries through the blood, and revives the souls. Then the souls, engulfed by God's name, 'Allah', enter God's love.
3. All names given to God in all languages are worthy of respect. However, God's original name is 'Allah', which is a word from the Suryani language. The creatures of empyrean speak this language. The angels call upon God with the name of 'Allah'. 'Allah' is attached with the faith declaration motto of every Prophet.
4. Any person who, with all the sincerity of heart, is in search for God, on land or in the sea, is worthy of respect.
5. Many Adams were sent in different regions of the world simultaneously. All Adams were moulded from the clay in this world, for except the last Adam who was moulded from the clay in paradise, and who is buried in the Arab region. The angels did not prostrate to any other Adam for except Adam Safi Allah. And Iblis (the Devil) developed enmity for the progeny of Adam Safi Allah only.
6. There are seven different sub-spirits in the human skeleton, and each relates to a different realm, a different paradise, and different functions in the human body. If these sub-spirits are empowered with God's Light (Noor), they may appear in human form in many places simultaneously. They may reach the esoteric gatherings of the Saints and the Prophets, speak with God, and even see God in person also.
7. There are two different types of religions for all humans: the religion for the body, which expires when the body does, and the other is the religion for the soul which existed even in the primordial time-that is God's love. And only this religion elevates humans.
8. Ishq (Rapturous Love) of Allah is above all other religions and the seeing of Allah is above all forms of worship.
9. Information on how human beings, animals, plants, and stones were brought into existence and why something is prohibited or permissible is enclosed.
10. Who pre-existed the Amr Kun (the Command 'Be') of the souls and the angels? Which dog will enter the paradise in form of Qatmir? The souls of which individuals had already affirmed the declaration of faith in the primordial time?

His Divine Eminence ra Gohar Shahi

About the Author
His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi

His Holiness Gohar Shahi is dispensing Spiritual Knowledge to enlighten the hearts of humanity. Many believe him to be the Awaited Messianic Figure.

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